#2 What would you do if

What would you do if…

A hacker joined your game and hacked all the servers?

I would close the servers and make the game private, fix what I need to fix, and report it to Roblox!

I’d go into Studio, update the BAE script, put the username into the banned list (in the script) so that there is no way he can join back and click publish. All of the people will be kicked but at least I know everyone will be safe!

Did you just say to report your own game to Roblox- :no_mouth:

" A hacker joined your game and hacked all the servers?".



You have very very very very very very very very very bad server security, the thing is if your releasing a game that can be hacked on every server something has gone seriously wrong.

If you got hacked and you need to private the game and report it to roblox, something very bad has happened. If your games servers are hacked your screwed, data code, work is all in the hand of hackers.

The chance of this happening is very low if your using valid security methods, this is very bland.

There is no answer to this. There are millions of different factors that could have happened.

If the servers were hacked this wouldn’t matter, they have control over the game servers so nothing will happen.

By the time it was noticed the whole game would be done for.

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Thanks for your reply! I agree with you.