About Me - Peter 👋

Hey! I know it’s been awhile since I joined, but I thought you should get to know me, as I don’t talk about my life much.

First of all, I love games, from Club Penguin to Roblox, although I mainly play Roblox, however, I’ve been focusing a bit off Roblox recently, but I’m always open to talking about other games!

I’m not really scared of anything except the ferris wheel, I know it’s nothing to be scared of, but it rocks and it’s just weird. I’ll go on anything else though! From the Beast to the Hellevator! I love rides, radio and music!

In-terms of Radio, I actually program for my own station, which is an internet radio, which I’m not comfortable sharing the link of, apologies. But, if you ever need help with anything regarding this topic, I’m more than happy to help (licensing, music source, news, etc)!

For Music, I love all types, especially Hot AC/Top 40, which I’ve had to get accustomed to, given that I own and program for a radio station. My main track right now is Karma by Taylor Swift off of her new album, Midnights (and Paper Rings from Lover). In general, I’m a really big swiftie. I also listen to a bit of ALT music from time to time, such as Gorillaz and Vance Joy (even some tracks off of folklore and evermore). Music really is a passion for me, and I enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy picking it out.

Like I said earlier, if you ever need anything, I’d be more than happy to help out! Thanks for checking this post out!

Happy Holidays,
@peter :christmas_tree:

Last updated: 11/30/22 :maple_leaf:


Update for those wondering: I am now a SOCAN member :smile:


Extra for those of you wondering what SOCAN is: it’s a music licensing company in Canada, that handles royalties paid out to artists. :blush:


I’ve just updated this topic! :sparkles:

(sorry to bump!)