Add max rank to promote

I was wondering if there is a way the promote command only works on ranks under certain ranks. We don’t want people to abuse this system and rank their selves or others that are above a certain rank.

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That feature should already be added, correct?

I wasn’t sure where it was on the script.

Just make the bot a lower rank in the group.

If there is a different way to do it then make it a lower rank that would be easier as we would have to change around all the rank numbers.

Oh, you mean like that.

Yeh, you could do that.

If we make any changes, it will have to be added to the source code.

But I think it will be more efficient to just have the bot a certain role.

I see I will talk to the owner of the group and see if it is something that can be done.

Out of interest are you selling the product?

No, we are just a hotel group and we are using the ranking services for our hotel training center, as we would only want people of the trainee rank to be able to be promoted that is why I was asking.

Alright, so, we will have to edit the source code.

Is that a hard thing to do? I just want it to like do a check if under rank 142 then rank. If that makes sense.

We could do that within roblox.

Send me the server code you currently have inside roblox.

What is the server code? Sorry I have never had anyone ask for that before.

The roblox server code?

Do you just mean the game link? If not I haven’t heard of a roblox server code before.

The code inside server script service?

Oh, do you mean like the code that is inside the game, yes I can.