Admino | v1.1.4 - Changelog

Hey everyone,

We have an update regarding our new in-development administration panel. View the changelog below, and we will resume development after the winter break! :snowman_with_snow:


  • Changed the logo in celebration of the near start of the new year and the winter break!
  • Created a logo, just for Admino.

User Interface

  • Complete overhaul, now a modern and sleek design.
  • Resized the UI to take up the whole screen for better interaction and text visibility.


  • We now have a license on Admino, meaning nobody has the right to copy or modify our panel design without permission. For more information on our licensing, please see here. Note that you will soon be able to view the licensing within Admino.


  • I am planning on completely restarting the main UI only for a much more modernized and cozy feel as well as better interaction.

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