Admino | v1.1.5 - Changelog

Hey everyone! Today I have an update for your regarding Admino and … some very secret information on when it may release publicly!


  • Added a text label below the Admino start-up screen stating our copyright.

User Interface

  • Completely overhauled the main control panel, it looks so much better now! This has been the main reason why we haven’t released this changelog earlier and this was some really hefty work to get through.
  • Added the following interface buttons and missing frames; dashboard, moderation, meetings, calendar, messages, friends, and your plan.
  • Added various icons to better indicate what the cetegory is.
  • Slightly increased font size to allow those with some visibility problems to see the panel better
  • Added a confirmation screen and input screen when any moderation command is attempted to be triggered.

We have decided to partner with Cookie Ranking Services because we will eventually be adding a built-in ranking management centre with tons of customization options. Exciting, don’t you think?

Release Info
There is no certain time yet, but we are confident that with the right amount of time spent on Admino’s development, the earlier we can get it finished. We predict that by mid-2022 this panel should be released to the public. Whether it will ship in the form of a plugin or model, we do not know yet. Expect the price to be between 300-400 Robux, however this is not finalized and could change in the future depending on how much effort was put into Admino.

Regarding Northdrift
Don’t worry, we are still hard at work with Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay! We are currently seeking out developers to model vehicles for us as well as backend and data management scripters.

We will be back soon with lots more to mention, so don’t expect us to vanish for a couple of months like before!


Wow! I’m excited for the release. This product has a lot of potential.

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Making good progress! :+1:

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