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Hey, hello so I currently have a working ranking system now that works with the leaderboard, [The Point Auto Promotion System] Made by Cookie, the thing with this is that what if a player purchased a rank, their points would be 0 or at least lower then the requirements, for that certain rank. So would it be to make it so the first time a certain rank in a group joins so every time they get a new role, they will automatically get to the point required for their rank, so they won’t have a lower point and have higher progress than the other staff in their rank?

I’m pretty new to scripting, so I have no idea how to possibly make this work.

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Just so you know, we can help you create the script, but can’t give it to you, as that’s upright unfair. If you want someone to make the script for you, please consider commissioning a developer.

I’m not asking a person to make a script for me I’m asking how I could create it

This should be up to date:

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