Anybody can now get verified on twitter- More than just a "twitter" problem

This is a good introduction to this post today.

Normally we’re talking about terrible roblox updates, but today it’s a terrible twitter update!

Anybody who pays can now get verified, which means it’s extremely easy to impersonate main accounts

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The image above clearly shows us the big issue, you can see it’s not the correct Roblox handle: @Roblox, but in fact @Roblox_Us.

I also feel like this is an issue for games such as adopt me with public relations on twitter, I don’t feel as if this was the greatest move for Twitter.


This is not a good move from Twitter.

Anybody can now easily impersonate official accounts, think of how government account will deal with this. It will become a serious issue.

I think this is really bad the amount of impersonation that will happen will be crazy.
This is not good for twitter in my opinion.

This has been making global news, I don’t think it’s been a great move from roblox.

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Yes, indeed.

I can’t imagine the amount of damage this will do, this could even be the downfall of Twitter if this gets out of hand. Wonder how Twitter staff even came to making this decision …

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Thing is, it’s all being ran be Elon, there are no internal majority votes, he literally just tells them to do it and they do it, he didn’t consider it at all.

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That’s true … Elon Musk can pretty much do whatever, but at some point Twitter staff are bound to complain about his actions.


Elon has temporarily shut down Twitter Blue (people who bought it still have it) but plans to bring it back on November 29th.

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This is a huge backlash for twitter, Elon is ruining twitter as we speak.

Agreed, he can’t keep working on the spot.

It’s like Roblox have now released the verified badge for those users who are subscribed to premium. This is becoming a huge laugh, i cant wait to see massive companies like this start to fail.

But the question is, what would you spend $8 a month on? Twitter Blue or Roblox Verified?

Probably Roblox Verified, I don’t use twitter that much!

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