Apple WWDC 2022 - Recap

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As you may know yesterday (for me and this was wrote ages ago)) WWDC 2022 was live streamed! I would like to see some of your opinions in the reply’s!
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iPhone and iPad - Operating System (OS)

As you may know IOS 16, as well as iPadOS 16, was announced! Under will be explaining the new iOS 16 features;

Lock Screen

So now in iOS 16 the lock screens have been redesigned!

As you can see you can put widgets on your lock screen!

Get too many notifications? Now Apple made a very new organised bar with all your notifications at the bottom of the lock screen!

Different Lock Screens Depending on Your Focus

Depending on your different focuses your lock screen can change! Say I had no focus on, it would be my default lock screen but say I had the focus “Work” for example, I would make it so when I turn on the Work focus it changes my lock screen to the lock screen fitting in the focus!

Editing Your Lock Screen

Want to edit your lock screen? Just simply touch and hold your lock screen, then swipe. i think. Some developers might have put the WidgetKit API in their app, this means that you put widgets on your home screen! For example, you can put the uber widget on your lock screen to track your uber!

I guess this is the end of the coolest important things of iOS 16 Lock Screen i probably forgot i did i can feel it
If you want a more detailed iOS 16 Lock Screen features please press the button below this!

You will have to read a lot here about iOS 16 Lock Screen (optional)

Lock Screen gallery

For inspiration on how to make the Lock Screen your own, browse a gallery of many options, each with a unique backdrop, stylized view of the date and time, and information you can see at a glance.

Lock Screen switching

You can switch your Lock Screen throughout the day. Touch and hold it, and then swipe.

Lock Screen editing

It’s easy to customize the font, color, or placement of elements on your Lock Screen by tapping the element.

Stylized date and time

Expressive font styles and color choices allow you to customize the look of the date and time on your Lock Screen.

Multilayered photo effect

Photo subjects are dynamically displayed in front of the time to make the subject of the photo pop.

Suggested photos

iOS intelligently suggests photos from your library that look great on the Lock Screen.

Photo shuffle

See a set of photos shuffle automatically on your Lock Screen. Set the cadence for how often your Lock Screen updates with a new photo, or let iOS surprise and delight you throughout the day.

Photo styles

Apply styles to photos on the Lock Screen that automatically change the color filter, tinting, and font style to complement each other.

Widgets on the Lock Screen

Choose to display a set of widgets as part of your Lock Screen to glance at information like the weather, time, date, battery levels, upcoming calendar events, alarms, time zones, and Activity ring progress.

WidgetKit API

Glance at widgets from your favorite third-party apps. View widgets in a textual, circular, or rectangular format near the time to get information like weather conditions or progress on your goals.

Live Activities

Live Activities help you stay on top of things that are happening in real time, right from your Lock Screen.*

Live Activities API

Follow an ongoing sports game or track the progress of your ride or order with just a glance. Glance at Live Activities from your favorite third-party apps with the new developer API.*

Lock Screens made for Focus

iOS suggests a relevant set of Lock Screens for provided Focus options, such as a data-rich Lock Screen while you’re using the Work Focus or a photo Lock Screen while you’re using the Personal Focus.

Apple collections

Choose from a set of dynamic, classic, and landscape Lock Screens created especially for iOS 16. Apple collections include Lock Screens to celebrate special cultural moments, like Pride and Unity.


See the earth, moon, or solar system with a set of dynamic astronomy-themed Lock Screens that update with live conditions.


Glance at live conditions on your Lock Screen as the weather changes throughout the day.


Create patterned Lock Screens based on your favorite emoji.


Choose a color gradient for your Lock Screen using your favorite color combinations.

New design for Now Playing

With Live Activities, you can expand Now Playing controls to a full-screen view that celebrates album art while you listen along.

New notification design

The use of bold text and images makes notifications visually pop.

Notification animations

Notifications, including your notification summary, now roll in from the bottom of your Lock Screen, making them easy to see at a glance as they come in.

Notification view on Lock Screen

Choose to view notifications on the Lock Screen in an expanded list view, stacked view, or count view. You can pinch to change the layout in context.

Source: iOS 16 Preview - New Features - Apple -


Probably not that big but now in messages we have the option to edit and unsend messages! The feauture we have all been waiting for.

Now with messages you can also watch shareplay but with messages and not facetime!

Photos and Messages
If you get a photo like a french bulldog you can hold the picture and drop it into the message to the person!

Family Sharing

Now sharing photos with your family, you can now share photos with your family with iCloud Shared Photo library


Now with maps you can make stops instead of choosing your destination individually!

You can also plan out routes on your mac on then transfer them to your phone.


Apple Ecosystem is not an Apple device or product. It is a nickname given by people regarding how Apple devices work very well with other Apple devices. It is a combination of services, software configurations, and hardware capabilities that makes each Apple device works very well with every other Apple device.


CarPlay got an update! Its way redesigned too! This new CarPlay can also fit every screen in these supported cars!

CarPlay is also able to do everything with your car without going out of it!
Here’s a video of CarPlays sneak peak!

Home App

The Home App has also been completely redesigned.


Coming soon.

MacBook Pro

A new MacBook Pro 13" was introduced during the Apple WWDC22! A key change was the processor, which has been upgraded to the Apple M2.


Apple Silicon M2 (Processor)

Apple has finally released their latest processor … the Apple silicon M2 chip! This chip is said to be more powerful than Intel-based chips, as well as better than the Apple silicon M1 series! Below are the key specs of this new processor;

  • Up to 24GB unified memory.
  • 100GB/s memory bandwidth.
  • 8-core GPU.
  • 16-core Neural Engine.



iPadOS 16

Additionally, iPadOS 16 was announced at the same time, introducing many new features. Such as;

- Weather App
-Stage Manager

And 38+ other features, which can be found here.


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Hey Luke! I suggest adding iPad OS, because there is some revolutionary things within it.

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IOS 16, looks really really good.

I would really reccommend this video for a quick recap:

It looks like apple is putting a lot more thought and effort into this new version!


You can also un-send messages and edit them.

I’ve seen the whole thing, it’s really awesome, especially since I mainly use my iPad Pro as my main mobile gaming device.

I’ll add in a few other details, such as the new and really affordable MacBook Pro 13" with the M2 chip.

Yes, but only within 15 minutes after the message was sent.

Pay later seems dangerous for some people, 0 fees and 0 interest, however I feel like some people could get in some legal issues with this feature.

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Hm, never heard of this before.

But I agree, this does sound risky. But, it’s similar to PayBright, which Apple currently uses, so I presume they’d use this for their “pay-later” feature.

@Joshua please don’t edit a wiki that doesn’t have anything to do with what you edited. :slight_smile:

I hope the 2023 recap is coming! :partying_face:


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