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Our ownership team, here at atlan have decided to shut down atlan boards.


I don’t really get it … Trello is completely free to use, all you need is an Atlassian account. Also if it’s using Atlassian products it isn’t really a Roblox company.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be charging anything. Why should people pay for your board if they can simply sign up and make their own? I’m not even sure if this is allowed, on second thought.

Edit: I see you mention there is no payment, yet you ask people to DM to negotiate … ?


Additionally on your website it asks for you to request a quote?


That may be a default part of the webpage.


Yep, I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s just a way of saying I request so and so.


He means how much we will pay you to work for him.

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It is a default part of the website; please ignore it.

If you’re advertising your boards, that seems to be in web development.

May I ask why you’re advertising custom boards well using a default template? As that doesn’t put much trust in the user’s eyes, as they may think it’s false, etc.

Additionally, why should I choose your service compared to trello?

Adding onto that, your name is very close to Atlassian, which might be confusing and could result in legal action, I suggest changing it.


I used a Random word generator for that name.

what i mean by negotiating the payment is how much i pay the devs. missunderstanding.

Still, you should change it.

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@OH20_rbLX brought up a great point here, as from what you’ve stated this is an exact copy, and furthermore, will most likely get you into legal trouble, I have to say, I would most likely choose Trello over Atlan, if my opinion matters.


We have an Anti-Abuse system, and we have a filter api powered by google.

Its because I’m too lazy and can’t make a website atm.

These boards are actually on ROBLOX.

What do you mean, powered by google? - Google has a lot of services.

this is just the perspecative API

Perspective API

What, how is that going to help your service?

Prevent people from using vulgar lauguage.

Say I said something nasty here :smiling_imp:

Perspective would pick that up and ask them to change it, or if they still post it would filter it. Perspective is SUPER reliable.

How is this useful for a board, especially if it’s going to be used in roblox, you can simply use the content filter.

ROBLOX filter filters like everything

If i said a number, then it would #####

That’s why we are improving our filter with Google. :bulb:

And if google likes something that roblox doesn’t your ready to face the consequence for allowing > 13 kids to see numbers?

That means people could use your tool to communicate messages with ease. It won’t be a big deal if google allows a phone number, because that’s not toxic or rude, however for roblox that would be a big no no.

< 13 Doesn’t have number filtering, for certain things.