Automatic Movement of a Current Player with some animations

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As I’ve created this forum post, I want to know if it’s possible or how to make a script ( you aren’t required to do all of those for me) that’ll make the current player move to a certain location where it’s like with animations happening. I’ve tried so many solutions so far. Search from different sources, but unfortunately couldn’t find any way. I’m also not familiar with ContextActionService and other related.

Help would be much appreciated! Let me know what you think below. If you are to assist me with this. I’m not requiring you to send the whole script to me. I just really need some tips as I’m new to scripting. Thank you so much!

If the path finding service or whatever it’s called is able to work on someone’s character, then just use that.

if not- one way you could make a player move (this would be very inefficient, but, this is the way I’ve managed to think of, which is probably way better overthought) is to make a copy of their character but make it an NPC, hide the current one, teleport the first one to where it’s going, change the camera to the NPC, use the path service or whatever to make the NPC go there, and then hide the NPC and go back to the normal character.

That was probably confusing, so let me know if you need me to clarify anything.

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thank u so much for this (this is what i’m thinking about an idea, only thing that i need is exPlanation) ill sure be taking a look on this, have a great day! also if u can provide more info that would be a great help :smiley:

Here you go: Character Pathfinding | Roblox Creator Documentation


Thank you so much. This is what I’m looking for. Have a great day!!

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