Avatar Rig Builder - Now out

The" Avatar Rig Builder" plugin has bow been updated. The Avatar Rig Builder is where you create default rigs, used often when creating Non Playable Characters or creating custom characters.

Here is a picture of the new plugin and with some of the R15 presets:

image image

In the coming feature we’re told that they’re also going to be adding facial animation presets.

What do you think of this update and are you surprised that they didn’t remove R6 rig types?

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I was looking at the Avatar Rig Builder the other day and I’ve always been thinking, “this is so out of place.” The UI of the Rig Builder was horrible and didn’t match at all with the rest of the Roblox Studio UI.

It’s really great to see they’ve updated the UI and are planing to further expand the Avatar Rig Builder’s capaibility. Well done, Roblox :+1:

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