BAE H Notifications

How’d I make bae H notifications like they have in BAR? I’m not looking for the cleanest design or the best one I just want to know how to make one or get a rbxm file which is compatible with most main modules.

Are you using BAR or BAE?

Originally using BAR, ran into some problems so I’m switching back to BAE but I’m looking to know how to make those H notifs or receive a rbxm file with them attached.

Here’s 2 Lines of code you’ll need to make this:

RemoteEvent:FireAllClients("Hint", "Title", "Description")


local RemoteEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage["Basic Admin Essentials"]["Essentials Event"]

It’s important to learn how to script yourself, and this being a fairly simple script, I’d try to make it yourself. Keep in mind this script shouldn’t be in Basic Admin, but should be a script in ServerScriptService.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, reach out to me in DMs to discuss the issues you were experiencing.

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Thanks, I will keep in touch with you in Dm’s though.

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