BAE Invisible Commands /e

Can someone tell me how to make bae’s command invisible by using /e?

For example: “/e :fly”

If you’re on a Laptop or PC click ‘ to open the command bar.

Yeah, I work at this place (ROBLOX ofc) and we are able to say /e :cmds but it doesn’t work anywhere else? I think it’s a plugin.

This actually isn’t possible without a lot of modifying. Instead, try to say “/c system”, then send your command, and then remove that to send your message. This method actually works with BAE.

I know, but I don’t want to type /c system over snd over again when I want to type in a command. Plus, even if I do use pc, other mobile players would have the same exact problem I’m facing.

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You don’t need to type it over and over again, use it like your private messaging someone on roblox.

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