BAE Title Commands

I would like to make a command through Basic Admin Essentials, where you can go “title ” and a title will appear above they’re head.

Whether it’s through a plugin or in the MainModule whatever is easier.

I want it to create a BillboardGUI above to player’s head.

Then I can use the command “title ” and it’ll show a title.

I just need a little guidance because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I believe it will be best to make this through a plugin:

Just to clarify:

  • You have two commands with the same name that do different things?
  • Be super specific what these two commands will do, if I understand correctly an example usage of this command would be:
title {username} 

This would add a title (BillboardGUI) to the users head. What exactly would the other purpose do, with “showing a title”?

I’m a tad bit confused: is there not a built in name function on BAE? I do not see how this is different from a title command.

I believe the source from where they’re trying to make this is a game called Los Angeles Airways, in short LAA. They have a command called “tiitle (username) (text)” in BAE 2.0 and it adds a blue billboardgui textlabel over the player’s head indicating the text.

The thing is that nametags sometimes require the “name” cmd to bug so a title cmd would be better.

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I have played the game, yes.

That’s why I’m saying I need help with script; it’s not working.

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