Basic Admin Essentials - Group permissions won't work

Don’t work auto ranking(group ranks). Place: ServerScriptService. Help. Please. Very Important
12.rbxm (543.7 KB)

:wave: | Hi there! I think I have found your error!

Go to line 603 in the ‘Basic Admin Essentials’ script and replace
require(Configuration['Loader ID'])(Plugins,Configuration)

Don’t work. I’m replace

Where need paste auto ranks? In module or in BAE? Or in both?

Add it in the main one, where you pasted the code so it can reach the module.

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Don’t work
Idk what.

Did you try what I said?

Sorry for the delay.

Let me check this out.

Before we get going can you explain more on what you’re trying to achieve?

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Yes, I need an auto rank king. When a player enters the game, he automatically receives an admin according to his roblox group rank.

so you want to know how to setup group ranks for the admin.

So I have this:::::
groupConfig = {
[‘Group ID’] = 10002427,
[‘Group Rank’] = 17,
[‘Tolerance Type’] = ‘>’,
[‘Admin Level’] = 1,

But… don’t work!

Okay, so that’s your issue. Have you tested it on an alt account?

Yes. But don’t work :confused:

For everyone don’t work only for me… Owner

Yes, this is because basic admin automatically assigns the owner admin, let me take a look at my old bae configuration.

Oke. I’m wait this problem 2 days. Need halding this. You only can help me ^^

Try changing the Tolerance Type to: >=.

If this fixed your issue mark it as solution. :white_check_mark:

Don’t work :((((((((