Basic Admin Essentials Main Module Crashes Studio

Hi, for some reason whenever I try to open the main module to edit basic admin, my studio ends up crashing. This has happened to a lot of other people as well.

Here’s someone that has the same problem: Basic Admin Essentials Main Module - Studio Crashing - #2 by Lostude - Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

I’m also on mac, although not the same one. I’ve seen people not on mac have this problem as well, if anyone could help that would be awesome, thanks!

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I also know somebody else who experienced this. He had found a work around. - Turns out he just swaps to a window machine.

i have this problem too but js dont have a windows

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Yes. I am on a mac and had this issue. I ended up re-installing studio. That worked ONCE. After that was done, I remembered I had windows 10 (Bootcamp) Installed.

Oh good idea, bootcamp does work but sometimes it can cause very very strange errors that are unable to solve, feel free to dm me if you experience a very strange error, like a random black dot or square or a crash because I may know the solution.

i have a new mac and bootcamp is unuseable

How come? Is it simply too slow?

No. Bootcamp was an Intel thing. Now that mac is making there own chips, they did not add BootCamp to them.

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