Basic Admin | RankGun Promote Command

I’ve been trying to make a Basic Admin promote command using the RankGun API.

It only seems to work if you do ‘Promote me’ not ‘Promote (player)’

Here is the script if anyone can help me
(Nothing in logs)

local Plugin = function(...)
	local Data = {...}
	-- Included Functions and Info --
	local remoteEvent = Data[1][1]
	local remoteFunction = Data[1][2]
	local returnPermissions = Data[1][3]
	local Commands = Data[1][4]
	local Prefix = Data[1][5]
	local actionPrefix = Data[1][6]
	local returnPlayers = Data[1][7]
	local cleanData = Data[1][8] -- cleanData(Sender,Receiver,Data)
	-- Practical example, for a gui specifically for a player, from another player
	-- cleanData(Sender,Receiver,"hi") -- You need receiver because it's being sent to everyone
	-- Or for a broadcast (something everyone sees, from one person, to nobody specific)
	-- cleanData(Sender,nil,"hi") -- Receiver is nil because it is a broadcast
	-- Plugin Configuration --
	local pluginName = 'Promote'
	local pluginPrefix = Prefix
	local pluginLevel = 1
	local pluginUsage = "<User(s)>" -- leave blank if the command has no arguments
	local pluginDescription = "Promote a user!"
	-- Example Plugin Function --
	local function pluginFunction(Args) -- keep the name of the function as "pluginFunction"
		local P2R = Args[1]
		local RankGun = require(game.ServerScriptService.Main)
	-- Return Everything to the MainModule --
	local descToReturn
	if pluginUsage ~= "" then
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..' '..pluginUsage..'\n'..pluginDescription
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..'\n'..pluginDescription
	return pluginName,pluginFunction,pluginLevel,pluginPrefix,{pluginName,pluginUsage,pluginDescription}

return Plugin


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have you tried running this command in the roblox game client instead?

Yes I have. But its still not working.

Is there a way to get BAE logs through a BAE command?

Like what the BAE command replies with it goes along like “Failed to rank user roleid 256 does not exist” this is when I do it on another person.

Yes, there is. Although, it can only be used by Whitelisted users.

It looks something like this:

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Try to add print(Args[1]) in the plug-in function, and show what that prints.

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Try changing local P2R = Args[1] to local P2R = Args[2]


This returns this Error after testing.

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Have you tried RankGun.SetDetails("no","no","no") with legitimate details?


Yeah, no clue how to get this working then.

I’ll try make this tomorrow!

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