Best way to make subscribers. On YouTube

Ok, so I’m sure your all quite aware with our cookie tech channel.

I would like to grow this channel, does anybody have tips?

Thanks, @Noah :cookie:


Do tags for example #development when you make a stream or a video. Also make #shorts

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Only make shorts when your video is lower then 1 minute

Ok so, I’m not the best YouTuber out there but i have a decent amount of subscribers for a channel my size it really depends on what you’re trying to do with your channel. Make sure to have a consistent upload schedule if not just try to upload alot.

One common mistake with new YouTubers especially ones who record gameplay is that they upload like 10 times a day, if people have notifications turned on and you upload more than 3 times a day after the 3rd video they wont be notified, also its not the best to upload multiple times in one day.

Another piece of advice is about schedules. So let’s say you cant record and upload every week, I recommend doing this: Record/edit and upload multiple videos but schedule them an even time apart, this way people will see your videos on a schedule, (You can select a time for the video to go public under visibility which is the last part of the upload process) you can for example: record 3 videos a week and upload them to YouTube but schedule them to go public every Friday or something similar to that.

The final piece of advice I will give you in this response is that you should have a proper video description. Use emojis and make it interactive or just use cool text and text decoration. Take a look at some big YouTubers and try and get ideas off of them. For me I have a google document with my video description listing my website, discord server ROBLOX group, music credits, timestamps etc etc.

You can get emojis here: Emoji Keyboard - Discord Emoji

If you want more advice on a specific topic or just more from me let me know. Goodluck!

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