Black Friday sales - What have you found?

Not long until black Friday!

Black Friday will be starting very very soon, (4 hours)!

I’ve already seen some websites where they are already starting to announce there deals.

Discord :

This is pretty cool, if you subscribe to one month of discord nitro, you get an extra free month of discord nitro to go with it.


Nzxt is a big computer company, they make fancy and call computers, they may have a sale going up too soon!

I want to know, what black Friday deals have you found?

Reply down below!

I wonder if there will be a roblox sale!

Now I’m curious about this Nzxt thing … available in Canada?

I managed to buy some exclusive mint chocolates (brand: Waterbridge)

Those are some pretty neat PCs, ngl

Mhm, very cool and good pricing, even when black Friday is not on!