Building | Opinion on my 30 minute forest scene

Hiya everyone!

Yesterday I challenged myself to produce a scene in under 30 minutes.

I managed to make this little scene with a wind effect.

For the best experience play here: Cool Roblox Scene - Roblox

Else, feel free to look at these photos:

Image from Gyazo
Keep in mind I made this in 30 minutes, how well did I do?
If I had more time what should I have done?

Thanks for any responses in advance,



It’s really cool! Did you use the Wind Shake plugin or did you script the movement by yourself?

I used boatbombers wind shake module.

Is there anything I could have done better?


Well … perhaps you could have brightened up the scene a bit more, using the ColorCorrections effect.

I think not, the scene does fit well with the lighting and it doesn’t need anything updating to it! Well done @cookie!

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