Bye bye Limiteds!

Limiteds are a massive part of Roblox trading

This is why Roblox players re very very upset about this change. Roblox has code named themselves Limited v2.

This probably means they’re trying to replace limited with this new collectibles, they pretty much sound like the same thing though. Before it mentioned nothing about trading, however, now we have some more news on that.

Apparently you won’t be able to trade this, but sell it instead. It’s still quite weird and not much is known on it.

But let’s be real, 30 days is ridiculous. 30 days will be so incredibly long & I presume people are quite annoyed about this.

I hope you guys learnt from this, what are your opinions on this new collectibles system?


This is quite annoying and interesting.

As a fairly recent Roblox user (3 years now), I didn’t start investing into Roblox limiteds that long ago. My original intent was to purchase them, sell them, and perhaps trade some of them. Not to mention the limited catalog has only begun its recovery from the recent downfall …

But with “Limiteds v2,” it can ruin the purpose of selling limiteds. This change is pretty much creating a baseless division between “selling” and “trading” limited items. Why not keep one section dedicated to selling and buying, instead of creating an entirely new category for selling-only items? I have no idea why.

However, there are a few good factors. Some people who are uncomfortable with trading due to the massive scams that can occur in the process can use “Limiteds v2” as the perfect alternative. I, for one, view “Limiteds v2” as both an annoyance (as I’ve spent quite an amount of my Robux balance on regular limiteds, I’d estimate around 15k) but also a potential opportunity when it comes to early investments and a trade-free, scam-free experience.