Camera chat command video question


Is it possible that we could make the chat command for the camera into a Basic Admin command?

Yes, you could.

Here is something I’ve done in the past, you need to put this inside of the Plugins folder of BAE:

Make sure to read code tags

local Plugin = function(...)
	local Data = {...}

	-- Included Functions and Info --
	local remoteEvent = Data[1][1]
	local remoteFunction = Data[1][2]
	local returnPermissions = Data[1][3]
	local Commands = Data[1][4]
	local Prefix = Data[1][5]
	local actionPrefix = Data[1][6]
	local returnPlayers = Data[1][7]
	local cleanData = Data[1][8] -- cleanData(Sender,Receiver,Data)
	-- Practical example, for a gui specifically for a player, from another player
	-- cleanData(Sender,Receiver,"hi") -- You need receiver because it's being sent to everyone
	-- Or for a broadcast (something everyone sees, from one person, to nobody specific)
	-- cleanData(Sender,nil,"hi") -- Receiver is nil because it is a broadcast

	-- Plugin Configuration --
	local pluginName = 'cam'
	local pluginPrefix = Prefix
    local enabled = False 
	local pluginLevel = 3 --Replace this to the level you want it to be at. 
	local pluginUsage = "<User(s)>" -- leave blank if the command has no arguments
	local pluginDescription = "Give camera view"
	-- Example Plugin Function --
	local function pluginFunction(Args) -- keep the name of the function as "pluginFunction"
		local Player = Args[1]
		if Args[3] then
			local Victims = returnPlayers(Player, Args[3]) if not Victims then return end
			local combinedVictims = ''
			for a,b in pairs(Victims) do
				if combinedVictims == '' then
					combinedVictims = b.Name
					combinedVictims = combinedVictims..', '..b.Name
			for a,b in next,Victims do
               if enabled == False then
                enable = True
                enable = False

	-- Return Everything to the MainModule --
	local descToReturn
	if pluginUsage ~= "" then
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..' '..pluginUsage..'\n'..pluginDescription
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..'\n'..pluginDescription

	return pluginName,pluginFunction,pluginLevel,pluginPrefix,{pluginName,pluginUsage,pluginDescription}

return Plugin

The command should be ran as: cam all.


So do I just follow all the steps in the video and at the end copy and paste this as a BAE plugin?

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Yes, there may be a few bugs as this is a script from my very old hotel. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

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Where would I paste the Script?

Create a new script under plugins.

I mean, where would I paste the Script to allow the Cam to Work.

You would paste the script in the script you created under plugins.

Where do I paste it in this Script.


You create a script inside of Plugins, and paste the entire script in there.

That’s the entire script, you need to follow the rest of the video to understand.

I got no idea what your saying :skull:

Go to bae, open it up, open the folder, open plugins click on the folder click on the + icon, add a script. Then copy and paste the script above into the script you just created.

I’ve done that, here is the problem: Camera chat command

Strange, is there anything in output?

Can you show me the content of local script?

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local camera = game.Workspace.Camera


	if Start == true then 
		camera.CameraType = "Scriptable"
		camera.CFrame = game.Workspace.Cam.CFrame
		camera.CameraSubject = player.Character.Humanoid
		camera.CameraType = "Custom"
		camera.CFrame = player.Character.Head.CFrame

Aha, so here is the issue, we have no handling.

I’ve gone ahead and edited the original post.

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