Can Google end Microsoft's dominance?

Hey everyone!

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, a few months back a company known as OpenAI opened up public testing of what’s now referred to as the “smartest AI” — ChatGPT! And, we’ve all known that Google has long-dominated the Internet through browsers and other products.

Microsoft always had faith in OpenAI and they are pretty much the main support for the company through massive amounts of financial support and funding. As we know, their work paid-off.

Then, not too long after, Microsoft and Google started competing by implementing better AI into their browsers. Edge now has a chat function, and Google has their own AI. But Google’s AI was proved to be a failure after people pointed out it was providing incorrect information.

So, I ask you all today, with Google in severe trouble — from BardAI to Android threatening to switch to Microsoft — and Microsoft shooting all the baskets, could Google potentially lose grip and fall behind Microsoft for the first time in decades? Looking forward to your thoughts! :heart:

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I edited the title because I think you accidentally put it the wrong way around, but seeing bar will get live data from the web their is a definite possible that they’ll have more power. All though they’ll have less experience and data compared to OpenAI.

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I feel like the two companies have their benefits and downfalls. Google offers tons of products, from Android, Google Sites, Gmail, their search engine, and so much more. Google has their own phones, tablets, and watches, and they control nearly every non-Apple device. I truly don’t believe Microsoft can take them over, as Microsoft simply provides software for computers and a few other things that Google provides for free. I think both companies have their right place.