CapCut Windows & Mac app?

Hi Cookie Tech! :cookie:

CapCut are an editing app that is free and many people like using! Recently CapCut came out with an update where you can edit videos on their website, now you can download their desktop app!

Because I am making this post I have decided to download the windows app to test out.

I have finished downloading and I see this:

When I found out they have a website I signed up which you have to do if you want your edited videos saved to the cloud? i think

I have now pressed β€œNew (something)” and I now see this, looks quite professional as its free!

I have made my project and made the transitions and sounds and it is quite easy to use and really good for starters of editors!

Honestly, I would use this in the future as it is very useful for me!

Thank you for reading this topic!