Chat Logs Webhook

HI! Is there anyway that i can make it so ever single message that gets sent in chat gets sent to channel in my discord server with RankGun hooks maybe?

use .chatted or something

Hmmm. I have no idea.

The post by @PretzelSeller doesn’t give very much information. @Cai9587, I would ask @cookie or @cam as they made it.



How would we use this? When would we use this?

Maybe try the Creator Documentation.

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I wouldn’t recommend this because of discord rate limiting.

The code is:

    print(player.Name .. " said " .. message)

Where do I put my webhook URL? I was thinking about using RankGun hooks to do it.

I just want to point this out.

Open a scripting support

Where would we put this code?

I did any sombody deleted it.

Yes, as you called it “Chat Logs Webgook 2”, it was probably deleted.