[CLOSED] Builders needed - Hotel Game

Hello! I think I may need some new developers since my other developers haven’t worked on the game in ages. The group is called sunset lodge.
If so, please join the group
and private message @luke
or DM me on discord, luke?!?!#1246

How much will we be paid?

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Most builders want a price to know what amount of detail to put into it. Therefore, There may not be that much detail.

I would say about 400+? I am a bit short on robux and in the future I will give some of the games %.

Hi there!
I’ve just seen your post and I am interested in this!
If you could drop me a DM and I can have some more information on this, thanks :blush:

@Deleted_User12 @Boo have you DMed me? I’m on phone nd I have no new DMs.

I’ve asked you to drop me a DM with more information so I know if I’m interested in the job.

It works for me:

Fixed. You should be able to now.