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:cookie: Hey There, Cookie Tech!

I’m looking for a Logo Maker for my Group (Coral Coast Community), our old one is a bit Out-Dated, so I’m looking for one like Solera.

I’ve made a Post for this before, Vist it here.

I’m still looking for a transparent Logo and the Main Logo. You’ll be paid 107 (Tax has been applied, it was 75 Robux.) Robux for Both logos. If you up for the Job DM me on CookieTech Forums or Discord at B00PUP#6846

Thanks for reading,

This seems quite low for what you’re asking for…

Tax does apply for this.

I know, but 75 is really low, if you’re looking for things like what you showed, I‘D think it would be worth around 500 per 2 logos almost

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I would encourage you to increase the pay, even with tax this is very low overall. Like @peter said, somewhere aroung 500 Robux would be decent.

Yeah this is pretty low, that seems like something you would pay for a really low quality image.

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It might take me a few days, but also I work for free and I’m pretty good.

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