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Hello Everyone!

I’m Hiring someone to build me a hotel for 1,500 Robux. I’d like the hotel to be like Snowing Hotels . I was going to buy Snowing Hotels but a Bot took it before I can claim it.

Job Requirements

  • Must be able to Build in under 1 Month and 2 Weeks

Job Terms

  • By applying, You understand that you’ll be working with us until completed.
  • You acknowledge that any unauthorized actions performed without consent will result in your termination of position and blacklist from ever working with us.
  • You understand that using Models are not allowed unless given permission.


Please message me @Boo on the Cookie Tech Forums.

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1 week is an extremely short deadline, you should probably raise it a little bit.


I updated it! Thanks for the feedback.

I still don’t think 2 weeks will be long enough.

For this level of detail it will take much longer & maybe even more then 1.5K, adding on to that, you guys should make sure your not stealing any copyright data by replicating this build, you must make sure that it’s not too similar & isn’t a complete clone.


I don’t think a hotel can be built inn2 weeks either, backing off what you said, the level of detail in this will take a lot longer to master a perfect build, and the price would be about 4k if that.
This level of detail and price for this wouldn’t be small for someone that is a big developer.

Right now, I’m going to see how much the Bot wants. If it is cheap I’ll get this hotel.

Hi there, I was wondering if this place was still open as I am currently interested in building a new hotel.
Please reply back if this is still open, thanks!

It’s still open! Do you still have the first hotel tho?

I have a different hotel which is currently in the works.
This one is a better design to the other one.

Alright, you got the job! I’ll close this topic, DM me if you need something!

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