Cookie development team. Or ROBLOX?

Cookie development team is more mature, they sell lots of cool stuff.

Roblox is cool, but they are sometimes rude because they warn, ban, delete. All the stuff.


Thanks, however roblox isnt exactly “rude” for doing this, most of the times roblox really isnt that bad.

For instance:

They have a great support team, often fixing issues quite quickly.

Also, according to there tocs they have all the right to warn ,ban delete and everything else.

Overall, roblox moderation really isnt that bad a a majority, I would also like to put that roblox support is also very mature, helpful & kind.

As being someone who works with lots of customers, it can be very frustrating when people do things such as not read properly and genuinely be lazy, however they are still kind and helpful.

Also without roblox, we wouldn’t really exist, right?


Roblox is not rude. You can call it they make mistakes. But they are not rude.

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Agreed they really aren’t rude.

Not really rude, but they could make mistakes from time to time…


Yes! You are so trueeeeeee!

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No, their support team sucks as much as their moderation. Moderators will take action for no reason and then not care that its false and try to back it up. Support is just as bad, they don’t accept DMCA’s from small groups, they take forever to reply, and never help your issue anyway. Roblox support and moderation sucks.

I’ve been banned falsely once and falsely warned 4 times. Makes mistakes sometimes?

“Support is just as bad, they don’t accept DMCA’s from small groups” - If you have the proper legal documents roblox will accept you no matter you group size, you need to have government asserted documents in order to DMCA, Roblox will always have to back down when a DMCA request is given with the correct documents otherwise you can take legal action against roblox. You can’t get roblox to DMCA if you say “that work is yours” you need official government assigned documents.

As for roblox moderation, I have had a very good experience, no false warning and very fast and helpful moderation team which have resolved my issues, I don’t know if you guys are unlucky, but my roblox moderation experience has been great, and moderation and support team are always very kind and willing to help, but I can see why others moderation experience/support experience could be problematic, but for me, I am happy with roblox support and moderation.

However, I’ve seen roblox moderation have bad downfalls too.

I got a 7-day ban for this ad.

What was the ban reason?

Ah, I think I know, trying to get a user to click the advert.

I dont really thinks that’s agents tos. And also why was I warned I never claimed something not mine own

Contact a @moderators members.