Cookie Forums is almost a year old!

Hey everyone!

It’s very suprising to say, even for me, but within a month and 5 days from now at time of posting, Cookie Forums will be turning a year old!!

I’ve haven’t realized how much time has passed, it’s wonderful that this forum site will be turning a year old relatively soon!

I’ve created a countdown here, note that I set the location to London, England.


(My countdown could be a bit wrong, correct me if I am, please!)

It may seem very far away, but as the expression goes, time flies!

Are you excited for this? Personally I am, but let me know your opinions below! :cookie: :cookie:



To think we’ve had loads of staff come in and out, and our wonderful first staff are here with us for the 1 year anniversary!

Hopefully, cookie does something special for this.

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:eyes: Maybe we’ll get a teaser at some point, who knows!?

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Staff deserve the teaser first, lol.

Less than a month remaining and counting! :cake: :cookie:

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Should we give a little teaser? :shushing_face:

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Deffo not, I think we continue the tension for those to find out what this is going to be like.


Maybe when we have a week before Cookie Tech’s birthday?