Cookie Portfolio - 2021 [Old]

About Me

Hi! I’m cookie & welcome to my portfolio. I am a Roblox developer with 2+ years of experience in studio & around a year of experience with backend coding.


Programs I use:

I am familiar with most apps in the adobe suite, including Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro and more. I am also an active & effective user of visual studio code.

Why you should hire me:

As well as being a well-established developer I am also a great team member and will greatly benefit your team. I have a good background in game development and marketing. I know how to create a game that will satisfy all your needs.


Backend Developing

My ranking services tutorial.


My ranking services.


I know how to do most scripting, I’m not sure what I should put here however I can make BAE 2.0 custom commands etc if you need anything I can normally most likely make it for you.

Example of a teleport system that teleports you to a random place in the auditorium.

Custom commands:


Image from Gyazo

A view command:

Image from Gyazo

A basic map design:


View some of my examples here, I specialize in low poly & I can do realistic and simplistic realistic:

Cookie Tech Event Centre - Roblox

Happy Hotels & Resorts™ - Roblox

Training Centre - Roblox


UI is not my strongest skills but here are some examples of UI I made the other day:

Some UI for a ranking centre/ application centre.


Discord: noahhaf

Forums: @cookie


Nice profile! But how much do you charge for each category? (Building, scripting, UI/UX)

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i assume it depends on what ur asking for


Yep, what he said, haha.

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Updating to 2021 very soon, this will be closing soon!

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