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Phone Size:

Just if you wanted them. :slight_smile:

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Wow. That is amazing.

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Cant wait until 8K comes out!!!

I can’t even imagine 8k … :laughing:

Lol, that’s gonna be a hugeee file.

I know right??? It would be sooo cool.

You should invite your friends, that gets double points in the activity comp.

Some discord servers I’m in accept advertising … :smirk:

No dm advertising though, but if you have access to advertise files, it’s a good idea!

I recommend adding that they’re doing a 2k robux activity competition, that will make people click it.

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What do you mean by advertise files?

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Look at the activity competition post, it says about invites. Activity Competition - Robux Prize (2,000)

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Ooooooooo I’ll check it out in a second!

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Outdated. This has now been updated.

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