Cookie Tech Api - We need your ideas

Hiya cookie tech community!

I’m currently working on a cookie tech API, that will be payed access. We would like your ideas so we can integrate them into our package!

Current ideas:

  • Order System
  • Cooking system
  • Cleaning System
  • Roblox Ranking
  • Scheduling system
  • GiveTo
  • Notifications
  • Player activity tracker
  • Server lock
  • Advanced Slides
  • Help Command
  • Vote kick commands
  • Announcements (Global too)
  • Advanced Training Center

We’re interested in all ideas, so feel free to give us all the ideas you have!

So, we can’t use them?

What do you mean by that?

you can use them but when they come out you have to buy it, hope this clears it up.

We have to pay money for the service you are making?

yea when it comes out. it wont be much tho.

oof. forget it then. can we pay in robux tho?

i dont think so, but the system is not out yet and the payment may change, who knows.

Ban / Blacklist system

What it does:
Let’s picture a exploiter and joins the group and joins the game
They get instantly banished if they turned on their exploits or a blacklist system (checks banned groups)


I’m thinking of adding credits, by being active on the forums you can get a free API key, I’m not sure about that yet thouh.

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If you add all the ideas listed under, will we be able to not use all of them and only use some? (ofc if we buy it or do the credits thing).

I’m planning on making this a one time purchase mega pack, it’s going to be quite cheap & I’m planning on adding all the features.

ok and wdym about credits, like money on the forums like robux but you earn them by being active or just if yor seen active on forums you get the thing without buying

Yeh, something like that.

alright, cant wait for it

How much is “cheap”?

I believe £5-£10 you can compare it to your currency.

Seeing that lot’s of ranking services sell for £10, this will be an insane discount, seeing that it comes with all of these other features.

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By API, do you mean the scripts - or the actual API?

It’s a combo, the entire system is based of an API, you as a customer, will be able to get scripts, that will use the API or you can directly integrate your scripts to utilize the API, such as the ranking features and other interesting things.