Cookie Tech | Check-In Beta Testing

What is the Cookie Tech Beta Testing Opportunity

Today I would like to talk to you about the new Cookie Tech Beta Opportunity.

This opportunity will allow you to work upon your Beta Testing Skills & will make it possible to test out the Check-In Beta system early.

You will be able to test from 2022-02-09T00:00:00Z2022-02-11T00:00:00Z.

The testing will require you to:

  • Feedback on any possible issues.
  • Give recommendations on flaws.
  • Find & Log Bugs.

This will be a great opportunity for those who want to apply, you will be able to use this opportunity as evidence for your portfolios & other such useful things.

What must I beta test?

You will simply be testing the new check-in system, you will be asked to look for flaws, bus, or any way we can improve, then once you’ve got your opinions or ideas, report back to me!

I would like to Apply

Applying to the beta program is completely free, you will not be forced to work & you will only be able to test the game from Wednesday → Friday.

At the end you will receive a little certificate acknowledging that you helped in the beta testing!

To apply you must:

  • Have visited the forums for 3+ days.
  • Have made 2 (or more topics).
  • Have 1 (or more) received likes.
  • 25 (or more) posts read.
  • 30 minute(or more) read time.

I pass all the requirements and would like to apply:

Great, we appreciate your enthusiasm!

Before applying, please make sure you qualify for all requirements!

If you qualify all the requirements go to the group page.

Then click the “Request” button, then give a reason on why you would like to join the team.

Image from Gyazo

If you feel your reason is ready, click the “Submit Request”, please be patient once submitting, it can take up to 15 hours to verify your request.

Following this, you will get a message if you get excepted, explaining which steps you will take! On Friday, the group will be closed & people who got excepted will be receiving the certification.

I hope you will be able to join & get the certification.

If you have any questions feel free to message me at any point @Noah.

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Bug Report | 2022-02-09T22:44:00Z | After checking-out a user & trying to check them back in, errors occur.

Issue Detected: Attempting to resolve.

Issue Resolved: Feel free to carry on testing!

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Door Feedback | 7:11PM EST | When you open a door via your card, the door numbers and handle still stays floating;

Desk Feedback | 7:12PM EST | When you attempt to walk into the desk, you are able to do so when stepping on specfic parts;

General Feedback/Suggestion: The product is really good! However, I think it would boost it up a-bit if you added an option for the User(In this case, the receptionist) to pick the room the User(In this case, the guest) wants.

Keep in mind the system will be fully open source, so all this stuff will be able to be tested!

I believe this is a bug with roblox, this is as both parts are cancollide.

(Keep in mind the table does not come in the kit)

Question, can you view my application?

Beta apps will be closing at 2022-02-10T23:45:00Z

Testing will continue until: 2022-02-11T20:00:00Z

Check In Beta Is Closed | Testers will soon be rewarded there “Evidence Of Contribution Certificates” shortly.