Critique on one of my GFXs?


Please, give me some ratings and what you think of my GFX.

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Sweet! Just recommending some lighting.

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I think the render looks fine, but it needs some lighting.


I was looking at you pfp, and it looks amazing. If you made that, I’m sure you have the ability to make the render look nice!


Thanks for all the reply’s! I am going to try a new render now since I have lost the spider man render sadly. Does anyone have a idea what could be a good render?

It needs more lighting on it, something like this would do for the lighting:

It is a good GFX, but another one to work on would be the camera angle/the potion of the rig.

Hopefully this is some good feedback for you to work off!

It’s nice, but a bit plain, also spiderman looks like he’s lying down, not swinging, flying, or mid-jump.

Consider positioning him so it looks like he’s falling.

Try different positions:

                               (Yes I did draw this)

LOL, ur drawing get’s better every time :joy:

Ok this post is a bit old but I never got a chance to throw my opinion out there. The gfx is quite nice just work on your text a bit

What could he do to imrpove?