Current Situations

Salutations everyone!
So, if many of you didn’t know, England has had a very bad storm and unfortunately our owner @Noah has been hit bad by it.

What does this mean for Cookie Tech?
This doesn’t mean much, apart from Cookie won’t be active and that no updates will happen to the forums. However, the forums will still be open and running but our Moderation Team will be looking after the forums.

Cookie’s power should be back up and running within the next couple of days, so if you have any inquiries during this time, please take them to our Mods for the time being!

We please ask that you be patient during these times.



This is a very unfortunate situation, I hope everyone can remain safe.

Sending good vibes to all of our Europe friends


Alright, I have returned, energy is back!

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Great! Happy to have you back.