DanTDM - Keeping a healthy mindset

:heart: : For a lot of us DanTDM has provided us with a lot of content and memories over the years.

Is DanTDM retiring?

No, DanTDM is not retiring, in his most recent video he is just talking about his new plans for the future.

In his most recent video he talked about his new plans for the future:

In the beginning parts of the video he explains how he’s created over 3000 videos and he states he’s very lucky to be cruising along and still have people watching his content. He states as much as he loves creating videos and playing video games he sometimes wonders to himself weather what he is doing is fulfilling.

Or if he’s making the things for the sake of it.

As you know DanTDM recently had a second child and he stated over his long break he had a think and though to himself:

  • Should I create a video on a game that just came out because it will get lot’s of views?
  • Or should I take my kids to see Santa or something like that?

And you know exactly what he picked, not only is this mentally much better but he’s managed to break the cycle of needing to post a video, now he wants to.

The rest of the video talks about more miscellanies things but I think we should all focus on this video and make these much important amendments to our lives!