Deleting Roblox Doors Audios: this is bad

For those that were unaware Doors recently had this issue where Roblox were deleting icons, the game icon and a group icon, not a big deal.

But now Roblox is starting to delete the sounds that the monsters make, for those that don’t play doors, this is a big deal. Without any sounds you can’t hear when the monsters come.

And on the new final levels in the greenhouse you need sound to detect when the monster is coming.

This is also even worse for Ambush, which has no flicker queue.

Even worse:

Hopefully Roblox goes ahead and fixes this, all the best and good luck!

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Wow, no wonder I haven’t seen flickers for Ambush … it would just come out of nowhere. It’s really frustrating when you’re near the “Greenhouse” rooms and Ambush just comes out of nowhere and destroys you.

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Yes, I hope this has now been resolved.

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