DevForum being down

Hello Cookie Tech! :cookie:

I have a discord bot in my server that says whenever roblox is down (e.g.

I realised that it had been sending so much times “Devforum is down, Devforum is up” over and over again. I could show many screenshots but i’ll send them later. Right now on the devforum I see this:

There have been more Outages on the DevForum then Roblox Website lately. :skull:

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It’s for me too. Very annoying time to be down, I was trying to work on some stuff & I remember this answer on the devforum I needed, hasn’t been there.

Is it down? Check at Down for Everyone or Just Me Is a good website if you need to check if a website is down for just you or everyone.

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Ok so-

I read that the API on the forum had glitched - therefore logging you into someone else’s account. So, I believe they simply shut it down while they fixed it.

Hope this helped! :wave:

I believe it was a caching issue (you wouldn’t actually be logged into any account), also it seems to have a few other issues.

Lot’s of 502’s also “This site is under extreme stress, disabling search”.

This was 3 days ago but it seems like more issues are occurring:

It’s still incredibly glitchy right now, I don’t quite know what’s going on.

My current view:

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That’s what happens when Roblox comes back up.

It looks like CSS is not loading up, it could be a possible DDoS?

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Is this going to be like Hyra all over again?

Can’t guarantee it’s a DDoS attack but it’s always a possibility.

Something on the dev forum has gone very wrong. Keep in mind I never use dark mode on the dev forum…

I got this:

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Adding on, We got a new Outage!

Hmph, everything seems to be working on my end now, sucks for people having these issues.

This seems pretty scary … a caching issue is not exactly a problem one would want on their site.

Thing was, we don’t know exactly what it is, it could be anything for all we know.

This video explains a caching issue:

Seeing Other People’s Steam Accounts: The Christmas Caching Catastrophe - YouTube

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Crazy how devforum bugs out, also isnt devforum and cookie tech forums use the same hosting serivce besides plugins?

No, they don’t use the same hosting service.

They are both use discourse, but Roblox uses their own Servers, the Cookie Tech Forums I’m unsure about.

Does roblox have their own servers?

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Yeah, they are just not at the HQ.