Discord Bot Tips

Hello! I am making a bot but need a lot of help and tips, first off all, what should I code it on? I was thinking VSC but I don’t want my pc running on all the time, I also don’t want to use repl.it since the whole code is public. I also don’t know what code I should use, remember that I am a beginner discord bot developer.

Hi @luke

I personally use python for my discord bots, I would highly recommend looking into a VPS which is basically a “mini-computer” that is always on & can run your code!

Keep in mind a VPS can cost some money, usually it’s very cheap though.

If you build your bot on VSC & then push it onto a VPS you will be able to have good results.

Keep in mind everybody likes different coding languages for different things but if you would like a boost to learn how to code a discord bot in python feel free to ask more!

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Is a VPS a raspbery pi?

Yes & no.

A raspbery pi can be used for hosting, but it’s not the best.


These are what the servers look like, then you can pay for these servers every month, normally for quite cheap, then you can use the servers to host your bot, therefore you can keep it running even if you have your computer off.

I would always recommend trying to develop your bot on your computer before you move to a VPS, just to make sure your bot is working & how you like it.

You can also use github to make life a lot easier.

What does GitHub do?

I think GitHub has Actions but I think you only get 1,000 minutes for free a month.

GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with world-class CI/CD. Build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub.

Github actions aren’t something that are necessary to use the version control system.

Github is a provider of Internet hosting for software development and a version control using git. In other words, it allows you to track changes you make to your code & then keep the changes saved on the cloud.

I would recommend javascript specifically node.js I use it all the time when i code bots I use npm and the library called discord.js its a library for bots (Discord bots)

Ok so, I am going to code my bot on python but what do I code it on?

You’re going to need loads of experience within python to get a good bot working, I suggest looking on YT to see if people are doing any tutorials on how to code a discord bot from scratch.

For python use discord.py its a library that lets you connect your bot to discord.

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Yeah, I’m gonna find some yt videos. It’s just a bot for a roblox group. I don’t want it to be really advanced like Bloxlink and all that.

Is this discord.py?
(The link is discordpy.readthedocs.io)

Yes, thats it! exactly.

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Do I need to download anything?

No, do not use discord.py.

Use disnake.

Visual studio code, like @Deleted_User12 said above it’s best to watch some YouTube tutorials on how to set up your python environment and link your repo, things like that.

A while back discord.py discontinued, apparently it’s now “coming back”.

I would personally reccommend using disnake instead, just to be on the safe side, it will take a while to discord.py to get back to speed, in addition to that who knows, it could shutdown again, you never know & I would personally not reccommend using discord.py.


I thought discord.py was shut down?


I agree, I used discord.py and it wasn’t honestly great. My bot kept breaking and not listening to messsges, I might stick to something else instead of disnake for now. Not really into bot development now

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