Discord Scripting Support Event (Cookie Tech)

Ello everyone!

We’re proud to announce that at 2022-01-01T20:00:00Z we will be hosting an event on our discord server.

In this event, I will be helping with any* scripting-support enquirers you have.

Feel free to come along at any point through the event. The event will be going for 4 hours.

If you have any issues, or don’t know how to make a script you can come, keep in mind you don’t need to speak and you can just talk in channels, you just need to simply join the event stage.

We hope this will help some people who have issues with Ranking Systems or matters simillar.

Can’t wait to see you,

@cookie :cookie:

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Please RSVP if your coming!

I will come to the scripting support Event
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Live scripting support now started, if you need help raise your hand on the stage!

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