Do you know an alternative way to remove forcefields?

I know you can easily remove a forcefield from a spawn location by setting the duration to 0, but can you use a script? Because, my obby doesn’t use spawn locations as checkpoints, instead, regular parts named 1, 2, 3, etc., so I can’t change the duration. I’m pretty sure I could replace all 100+ with spawn locations but replacing them all (again) would be annoying, so if you know if a script can remove the forcefield, lemme know, thanks.

I think this should be posted in Scripting Support.

There was no need to make this post. A simple one-minute search on the internet would get your issue resolved. Additionally, this issue is non-existent, shown below:

From DevForum:

Could you clarify?

Oh, then it may be because, although none of the “spawns” used are actual spawn locations (just regular parts named 1, 2, 3, etc. that you spawn on because of a script), it may be because there are some spawn locations, (they just aren’t in use). I’ll see if it goes away from removing them (or setting all of their durations to 0)…

It does! Thanks!

If it worked, you can mark the post that helped fix it as the Solution for future readers to see.