Does anyone have any good ranking bot services

Hi there cookie tech :cookie: , does anyone have any good
ranking services out there I can use for my group (preferably free, im broke :face_holding_back_tears: )

I will not accept replies that uses or it’s API, click to see why

It is slow and can be publicly viewed by anyone unless you put £7 down the drain :money_with_wings: monthly to private your project :closed_lock_with_key: .

This thread by @HayHay should explain it all.

Looking forward to your replies :speech_balloon: ,

Hey there! There is a discord bot from vibez that has integrated ranking and group shouts too

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Is there a link that I can get it?

I’ll create a full tutorial later today

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ReAdmin is also good, robloxs ranking service won’t work for ReAdmin right now but ReAdmin does manage your group too. ReAdmin is linked with Bloxlink too. It also does application centres. The link for ReAdimin is:

So why post it if it doesn’t work? I asked specifically for Ranking

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Just used it and it’s great!

I think they have found a way around it.

Cookies Ranking Services [CHEAP] - Collaboration / Portfolio - Cookie Tech ( is always up, it’s payed but it’s a single lifetime payment.

Just to throw some self advertisement inside. :wink:
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Github & Heroku is a really good combo. I use it myself, and I love it. Plus @cookie made it. :slight_smile:

Heres a link to the video.

It works way better than other ones.

How is this vs rankgun?