Does Roblox now take credit for other ugcs creation?

Hi cookie tech community, I want to talk about something rather interesting today

As you may know UGC was one of roblox’s most liked updates and recently Roblox has removed a crucial part of the UGC infrastructure, for those that don’t know the UGC section of the Roblox catalogue has been removed.

Meaning that users can no longer browse or search for items made by UGC creators exclusively. This will make it harder for new creators to get their items seen and purchased, and could potentially hurt the UGC community as a whole.

Personally I think this really takes away the “specialty” of being a UGC creator as your work isn’t listed under your name and it’s harder for people to find your work again. It also seems as if Roblox is trying to take credit for your work.

This is a major issue as roblox has an issue with it’s recommendation algorithms, for the games page alike the avatar shop, free items are now super boosted on the avatar shop making it harder to find unique and original UGC.

The funny thing is, nobody wanted this update, it benefits nobody except maybe roblox and it doesn’t make much sense, what are your opinions on this and how do you think this will affect the roblox community, I would love to hear you opinions down below!


Are you kidding me roblox? First removing the oof sound, then letting potentially underaged people use voice chat, And now this? Roblox, get your head out of the sky, listen to us for once.

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