Does Roblox UGC support online dating?

Once again another issue with Roblox UGC. This was all brought up in a recent tweet:

I don’t think this could be used for other means when you realise the entire reason these items were made.

I presume they are trying to hide it up as some “valentines thing” but I believe this is just a hide up so they can get away with something like this.

We all know the type of people who use this wont be using it for “innocent” reasons for “valentines”.

Opinions on this?


Alright, so I have a lot to say about UGC, but the least I can say is that Roblox is blind when it comes to UGC as of a few months ago … I think we’ve all seen the mess of the UGC catalog. These items are certainly bypassing the Roblox ToS. It’s quite clear that whoever is developing these items wants to, A) twist the words of ToS, and, B) squeeze some money out of these useless items.

The fact that all of these people have to be refunded by Roblox when they delete the item is also painful, because as soon as these items come to light people just repeat on buying them.

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