DRS vs JSM | Opinions?

Hey guys!

I was just sorta thinking about which one I like better and decided, why not make a poll!

Vote Below:

  • JSM
  • DRS
  • Other, saying in comments

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I’ve changed the category for this topic, please make sure you’re putting topics under the right category!

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I know I didn’t say it in the og post, but any opinions on NCR?

I’ve never really used and of these systems, are there any testing games around them?

Imma going to reply to @happyshot10 & @Noah in one post to clear up some space.

NCR is DRS, but you can rebrand it to say NCR.

Yes, there is a Testing Game, JSM & More Testing - Roblox

Ahh. Thanks @Boo. I was unsure about the NCR thing.

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