Eastside Platform - Shutting Down Services

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Today i’ll be cooking up a happy/sad topic… :cook:

Eastside is shutting down services on March 10th, 2023. All existing bots will no longer be hosted, as well as Shout Webhooks, Member Webhooks, and Group Wall Webhooks. View the announcement below:

They’ve also done a FAQ, view that below:

What should I do if I’m impacted?

Sady, there aren’t any well-made Custom Bots, although there are a few upcoming ones such as…

https://arigoapp.com/ (I’ll update these as I see some new ones…)

I’m alright with paying a small fee for a custom bot…

There are a few of paid custom bots as well…
https://botware.org/ (Will be updated.)

What do you think of this? Let me know below! :point_down:

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What about Series? What is happening with them?

Series will still go on.

Sounds like they got a bad rep with eastside because of their continuous downtime and instead of fixing their problem they shutdown and ran away to hide behind some new/other name. Yes EastSide shutdown but they’re still here. Just under a new name

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I use BotWare in my Discord Server, and it’s incredibly high quality and cheap, it’s around :robux: 500/ 2 months. It’s incredibly feature rich and, in my opinion, better than EastSide.

Do you actually pay w/ robux?

Yeah, you can also pay with stripe though.