EasyWay Status's - [HIRING]


I am making a buisness named EasyWay Status’s.

I am hiring some web developments and the payment will be explained in DMs.

What you will be making:

A home page
A dashboard
The actual status pages for buisness’s
And more.

I am also hiring some people to be in the support team! If you also want to be in the support team please DM me.

We now have a new Co-Owner! @peter

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What actually is EasyWay?

No point in getting a job if we have no idea what we’re signing up to do.

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EasyWay is a service that makes status pages for your business.

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Do you own a Domain?

Not yet, rn we just have https://easywaystatus.github.io/website

Also, what is the Payment?

Robux, I’m not paying GBP.

How much will it be in Robux?

Hey @Boo, if you’re interested please DM me some past web work :slight_smile:

I’m not too interested, as i’m getting paid in Roblox. It would be around 5K Robux plus tax (It’s R$ 7,143 with Tax) for me to get the 5k.

Say we were to offer that much, then would you be interested?

Disclaimer: this is NOT an offer, I am simply suggesting, as I believe the better the work the better the pay, @luke has final decision however.

Depends, i’ve not coded in HTML for a while.

This won’t be a HTML job, it will most likely involve backend.


The Homepage will need it.

It will also need css, js and things to link it to the dashboard, which will require backend.

@luke This may require somebody with more advanced skills, I think I could do this, but I don’t have the time right now, you may need to look somewhere else, it will be hard to find someone doing it for a low price.


Yeah, more advanced ppl will not use Robux as Payment/

I’ll be fine with robux payment.