Error 500: Internal Server Error

Hi! I’m new to posting here, so I’m sorry if I did something wrong.

I’ve been experimenting with the Roblox group bot for some time, and I keep running into a problem.
The /group/members command works fine, so the bot is working just fine.
However, any other function involving changing a user’s rank always results in the error 500: Internal Server Error.

How do I fix this? Am I doing something wrong? I’ve followed Part 1 of the tutorial 3 times. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Please go to heroku and go to your heroku logs!

How do I view the logs?

I’ve been searching to try and find it, but I don’t know where it is. I’ve never worked with Heroku before, and I don’t know where to look.

Take a search on the forums, that might help you.

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I’ve been reading Heroku’s developer page for a solid 20 minutes, and I can’t find a clear answer. Where do I look, and where do you run those commands?

Really, I found it right here: Streaming logs in Dashboard | Heroku Dev Center.

You don’t need to run any commands either, those are shell commands.

So I’ve found the logs, but I have no clue what it all means. I don’t know Java or Python. Some lines are blue, and others are yellow. How can I track the source of the error?

Could by any chance could you send them to me, or research them, thank you!

Make sure you run an action then copy the logs!

Here’s the text:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve tried researching it, but I just can’t figure it out.

It’s very difficult to read, can you go to white background?

Alright, I managed to read it, it seems there is an issue with the cookie, can you try getting the cookie correctly.

I’ve retried the cookie twice, both times without success.

Is the ROBLOSECURITY cookie just the default value, or do I have to add/remove something?
Also, if the cookie is wrong, why can I still use /group/members/?

Alright, so the cookie does not need to be used to check the group members, remember, if your not logged into an account you can still see how many members a group has.

If your having issues getting the cookie, I have an idea in which we could fine-tine the issue! :smiley:

(If your new to this subject, it can be very easy to make mistakes, once again sorry I may have sounded a bit harsh at the beginning, not how I intended, I’m just tired and it’s a long day of school)

Alright, so I just copied the entire ROBLOSECURITY value for the Cookie. I keep getting Internal Server Error. Do I need a different cookie, or do I need to edit to ROBLOSECURITY?

What do you mean by that?

Get the heroku logs once again, it may be that your getting the cookie incorrectly.

Error 500: Internal Server Error, means there was an error in the code, that means we need to find the error, the easiest way to do this is via the logs.

Sorry for the transparent background, I had to download the logs as a .txt file and convert it to .png because you can’t post that kind of file here.

You can post a .txt file and just take a raw screenshot using the “Snip & Sketch” tell in windows?