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Hello Guys I am proud today to announce Essentials official release date (12/20/22). My name is Logun I have been a developer for about 3 - 4 years now specializing in HTML, LUAU, Node.js, and Python. I have seen Basic Admin Essentials Success and growth so i decided to Update there UI, Add much more features, Easier API for custom Plugins, Have Essential premium (paid), remove unnecessary bloated features. and for some of my personal projects such as linking this to my discord bot, custom rank management, and my anticheat. Some of these Custom features include

  1. Game Info using Roblox API
  2. Ranking (Romanager, Hyra, RankGun, and Essentials Own Paid Ranking)
  3. Sticky Message
  4. Cross Server admin Features (kick, ban, message, shutdown, slock, ect)
  5. Better GUI

Below i would appreciate some suggestions to put as a core commands more qol(quality of life) commands.
and obviously if you have any other Suggestions please Let me know.


Hmm, Could I have this version, please? @anon24652705

This seems quite cool actually! I’m interested.


This exact name has been used so many times. Maybe make up a new one.

The UI is perfect! You’ve used fonts and colors very well, this gives off a nice effect to the user. I’m looking really forward to this! :+1:

Yes I understand I have used the brand Name Essential for a long time ill consider changing it

Is this essentially an edited version of BAE?

This seems a lot like Frappe’s Admin and seems quite close to BAR:

This one seems different as yours was just UI and @anon24652705’s is also the script.

I have to give this to you, nice job, Logun!

no idea that existed. and frappe uses my version of bae i gave them the ui aspect of it a outstand commision.

Could I please see proof?

yes it is a fork of BAE.

that there gui is literally identical to mine? + in v2 i used to have minidev

  • this is just BAE with rounded corners not much work into it

Proof of you having frappe using yours?

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i will admit they did inspire me to create a sticky message command i did not make there sticky message

This isn’t the same…

sticky message has diffrent dementions basically sticky message is a diffent gui and does use the hint UI. with my sticky message i am trying to use the hint ui